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Is anybody out there? Help for new speculative romance writers

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It's an almost universally accepted truth among Romance writers that Romance writers are delightful people, consummate professionals, and extraordinarily helpful to others in their profession.

Test the premise. Visit the websites of established authors in any genre, and you might discover a treasure trove of excellent advice, tips, links, resource materials, texts of workshops, templates... and much, much more.

If an author has been awarded the Preditors and Editors "Author's Site of Excellence" award, you ought to find helpful information beyond self-promotion on that site.

However, increasingly, authors are sharing the info from their blogs and websites in other forums as well.

One remarkable website is
IWOFA is an acronym for Infinite Worlds Of Fantasy Authors, and so far 400 authors of speculative fiction have joined this cooperative (free to join) group

This is the page with Member Articles.

A website you may not have discovered, and which caters to all genres is

The Treasure Trove page of articles on a variety of subjects is

If you are a member of, you will find dozens of helpful groups
including Authors of Romance Helping Authors of Romance, and also First Time Authors.

On there's Tips For Self Promotion Sales and Advertising. I'm not sure if the link will work for non-members, but just in case, here it is:

Another source of advice and tips is the Published Authors group

Also, there are groups for every genre, and one that might be of interest to readers and writers has over 1,800 members and is:

Finally, and this is the only recommendation today that is not free:

Of course, readers may visit free. Authors must belong to RWA ($75) and then may join the subgenre chapter FFandP for the annual subscription of a further ($15).

Authors can add photos, bios, facebook, twitter links, and add all their books to the library, where readers can search by genre and subgenre, or just browse by author, with links to purchase the books.

I've mentioned blogs and newsletters before. One of the most helpful, free newsletters is Penny Sansevieri's and you can sign up for it at

Also, check out the permanent links in our sidebar. The Galaxy Express is a superb blog in our genre. And, please, if you know of another great blog, website, or group that ought to be included in this discussion, please add the url to our Comments.

Best wishes,

Rowena Cherry
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  1. Great roundup of resources! Thanks for including my blog in your list.

  2. You are most welcome, Heather. Your blog is great!