Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sexy, Paranormal Romances

Hi Everyone,

I write futuristic romances because I love to tell stories about how people react to unusal situations. In THE CHALLENGE my hero used sexual frustration to teach the heroine to use her psi powers and win a challenge for Earth. In THE DARE, the heroine is a 300-yer-old computer who wants to build a body to make love and discovers what being human is all about. In The ULTIMATUM a scientist works to free women from their biology--if they don't make love to regenerate their cells, they die. And in July 06 Tor will release the 4th book in my series, THE QUEST. Kirek's story started when he was a baby with extraordinary psi powers. At age 4 he's proclaimed an Oracle, at 18 he's a sex slave and in THE QUEST he falls in love and must defeat the Federation's most powerful enemy.

See you around the net and please visit at www.susankearney.com if you'd like to watch my books. That's right, you can WATCH them on my site. :)

Susan Kearney

Monday, May 29, 2006

Conception of a hero (and shark self gratification)

Most of my May was spent either in Florida (at the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention) or driving to/from it.

As I drove South and East through the Smokey Mountains, taking in the dramatic scenery, and also the aquarium at Gatlinburg, I thought of alien heroes, and also about a shark's sex life.

I am incorrigible that way! Not just about fish, of course. Any animal with interesting or excessive reproductive habits or equipment may serve to inspire an alien romance.

The concept of a shark's claspers (which look like labia when not deployed) fascinates me. However, I am not about to give alien males claspers in their groins. A penile bone and a tattoo is about as far as I'm willing to deviate from the conventional wisdom of what is romantic and "normal" in a hero's wedding tackle.

The Gatlinburg aquarium has a very long viewing tunnel of three inch thick glass (it might be perspex), through which visitors progress majestically on a travelator.

Sharks lie on it. One hears how sharks have to keep swimming. Not these boys. Their bellies and genitals were pressed to the glass above the gaping tourists. I wonder whether the tunnel vibrated pleasurably --because of the travelator-- or whether it was warm, or whether the sharks are exhibitionists.

That thought led to musings about figuratively cold blooded heroes, which is unfortunate for me. As I mentioned earlier, I went to the RomanticTimes convention to promote myself, Mating Net, Forced Mate, and the February 2007 release of Insufficient Mating Material.

Insufficient Mating Material takes up where FORCED MATE left off. Now it is written, I am conjuring up the book that should follow it.

The logical choice for the next Great Djinn to fall in love and live happily ever after ought to be Rhett. He's the elegant, calculating, slightly anachronistic swordsman, inspired more by Adam Adamant than any of George Lucas's knights.

Adam Adamant was Rip Van Winkle with a sword.

However, I'm beginning to think that Rhett is too shark-like to fall in love.

No matter! Today I chanced upon a photograph that put a face to a much younger hero. The only problem --the challenge-- is that in FORCED MATE he was a bit of a "Beavis" (if I can say such a thing) !

I shall think on....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I'm on that panel at the Romantic Times conference, sorry if the title misled you! I shall be talking about characterization when your hero is not human.

Also, my May/June newsletter is out and can be enjoyed at www.rowenacherry.com/newsletter

There's an interview with a sexy hero there, who jousts for a living! Also two (it's a double issue) sensual scenes by other authors.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

Thursday, May 04, 2006


My name is Rowena Cherry, and I write alien djinn romances.

Why alien djinn?

I wanted a legendary or mythological breed with strange powers, whose existence is immortalized in human tales. They had to be dark, dangerous and complex...

I wanted them to be mistakable for godlike beings, but I did not want them to be identified with any region of Earth--as are Norse gods, Greek gods, Egyptian gods etc.

And, I did not want to offend anyone!

I hope it won't just be about me and my alien djinn romances. I hope lots of alien authors will blog here with me.

One of my creative friends writes about vampires who are descended from aliens. I think that's brilliant. I intend to invite her to blog here occasionally. Some of the gargoyle romances have aliens who are not only turned to stone but exiled on Earth!

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry