Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sexy, Paranormal Romances

Hi Everyone,

I write futuristic romances because I love to tell stories about how people react to unusal situations. In THE CHALLENGE my hero used sexual frustration to teach the heroine to use her psi powers and win a challenge for Earth. In THE DARE, the heroine is a 300-yer-old computer who wants to build a body to make love and discovers what being human is all about. In The ULTIMATUM a scientist works to free women from their biology--if they don't make love to regenerate their cells, they die. And in July 06 Tor will release the 4th book in my series, THE QUEST. Kirek's story started when he was a baby with extraordinary psi powers. At age 4 he's proclaimed an Oracle, at 18 he's a sex slave and in THE QUEST he falls in love and must defeat the Federation's most powerful enemy.

See you around the net and please visit at www.susankearney.com if you'd like to watch my books. That's right, you can WATCH them on my site. :)

Susan Kearney


  1. Hey, Susan,

    I like your introduction. It's good to "see" you here.

    Your site sounds intriguing. I'll have to go there next, when I've made my rounds... like a territorial cat.

    Best wishes,

  2. Susan,

    Is THE CHALLENGE the one with the rings? That is such an original idea, and so clever!!!

    How did you come up with the premise?

    Have you got a cover for THE QUEST, yet? Is it the scene you visualized? May we see it?

    Best wishes,

    Rowena Cherry