Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Dragons Anyone?

Did you know dragons are legends in many cultures? In China the hills of Kowloon are supposed to represent one emperor and seven dragons. In Viet Nam there's a legend that the Vietnamese people descended from the mating of a fairy and a dragon. And since the Pendragon Legacy series was about dragonshapers, I took a lot of pictures of dragons during my recent trip to Asia. I thought you all might enjoy them.


  1. Oh, yes, I knew this. I love reading worldwide mythology and also the scientific basis for it. It's not coincidence there are a lot of great dinosaur digs in China.

  2. As a dragon fan(atic) I love the pics you took. Would love to own the real things to go with our 100+ dragons around the house :D

  3. I've been watching a few Michael Palin BBC travel series where he has wandered about different regions/countries in Asia, and I pause the show from time to time to get a look at the artwork. I love all the bright colors!