Saturday, March 31, 2007

Role Playing

Some of us here at Alien Blog are doing a pod-cast on Sunday night. I'll let Rowenna post the details since my mind is still trying to get around the idea that I will be Princess Arielle of Oasis for the good part of the weekend. After all I've got to get into the zone.

This is Elle. And a little bit about her.

He was the only man she’d ever loved. The one who’d roused her innocent girlhood passions . . . the one she held responsible for her brother’s death. So when Boone’s starship was shot down over a faraway planet, Elle resolved to forget him, to devote herself to her duty as the future ruler of Oasis. She focused her formidable mind on honing her powers, until the day she witnessed a pair of sweat-sleek, breathtaking gladiators facing each other down in the vicious fight-to-the-death of the Murlacca. Here were the two men she’d thought lost to her forever, and one last chance to save them. It was up to Elle to outwit the Circe witches who held Boone and Zander prisoner, so she could claim a love that had once seemed as elusive as . . .Star Shadows

So what does Elle do? She kicks some butt. She's deadly with her Sais. And she's learning that there are things bigger than true love. YOu can read all about her this November. But Sunday night you can find her hanging out in a bar with Hell and Sass and a cat that can't keep its tail out of the beer. Come join us!


  1. Elle,

    You are gorgeous! Is this your cover art?

    You lucky lady!

    Best wishes

  2. Anonymous2:53 PM EDT

    I just want to know how long I have to wait to get my hands on her book :D
    Rowena, I agree that the cover is gorgeous!