Thursday, March 08, 2007

Welcome to the Dark Side!!

Okay, welcome to MY dark side might be a better title! Alyssa Day here, guesting at the fabulous Alien Djinn blog, hanging out with the cool kids! Thanks for inviting me, ladies!!

What's up with me? It's been a CRAZY WEEK for me - release week! ATLANTIS RISING hit stores on Tuesday, yet somehow enough copies snuck out to stores early that the book already is a NATIONAL BESTSELLER!! Yes, I was shocked to find out that I'd hit the Bookscan national bestseller list before the book even released. Like I said, CRAZY.

Which brings me back to the darkside . . .

What's a nice romantic comedy author to do when she wants to go to dark, tortured places in her writing? And she wants there to be hot sexy romance when she gets there?

She turns the reins (and the computer keyboard) over to her dark and twisty alter ego Alyssa Day, that's what. So I created Alyssa Day and she created the world of the Warriors of Poseidon. This works brilliantly for the creative process but at home? Not so much.

Kids: Can we have cake for breakfast?
Alyssa: Sure. Why not? There's milk in there somewhere, right?
Real me: WHAT? They can't eat cake for breakfast! Nutrition blah blah Health blah blah . . .
Alyssa and Kids: WhatEVER.

You can see how this is a problem. On the other hand, they don't always like HER better because I, real Mommy, have never threatened to take them out back and velcro their brains to the fence.

But the writing? is going great!! Even if Alyssa is gloating a bit over the dozens of reader letters that she's gotten already. And the great reviews. And for being the featured romance for Borders/Waldenbooks for March. And the Rhapsody Rising Star . . . [SHUT UP, ALREADY, ALYSSA.]

Sorry. It's that darn dark side. We'd write more, but we need a new pair of kickass leather boots. For a rocking movie-style book trailer, visit me here and for a very cool interview Christine Feehan did with me, go HERE.

And please tell me about your own dark side! By the end of the day I'll randomly choose one commenter to win an autographed copy of ATLANTIS RISING. Thanks again for letting me/us come and play!
Alyssa and Alesia


  1. Welcome Alyssa and if you have a dark side you are definitely in the right place! Atlantis Rising rocks! It draws you in and captures you from the start. The world building is awesome and world building is something we know about around here.

    And yes I have a dark side. Any one who's read my books knows that. I really torture my characters and my Star books feature a gladiator to the death type battle called the Murlacca. Kind of like the WWF only with hooked gauntlets and heads flying off. Is that dark enough for you?

  2. Anonymous1:43 PM EST

    I only have a dark side when I lose my temper with the children - they hide at that time! Actually to be honest I don't really have a dark side but I would love to have one to blame when necessary.
    Looking forward to reading Atlantis Rising (if I can ever afford it with my ever increasing book wishlist!)

  3. Ilona you're it!! Please email me at with a mailing address and I'll send you a book!