Sunday, March 11, 2007

SUSAN GRANT - Secret Conversations of a Writer


I met the heroine of My Favorite Earthling in the throes of a rage. No, not mine—hers! I was typing away on deadline for another book when my muse came up and tapped me on the shoulder. "Keira has summoned you," she said.

"Keira?" I blinked. "Keira who?"

My muse, if you must know, is mistress of the Withering Stare. But she does make the story ideas pop, so I keep her on the payroll (her currency of choice: dark chocolate coins). "To freshen your memory, Susan, you briefly mentioned Keira on page 76 in Your Planet or Mine? as queen of the galaxy, with a history of castrating potential suitors. But don't let Her Majesty know I had to remind you."

"Why not? I'm the author. She's just a character." I closed my laptop screen. "And where does she get off summoning me? Who's in charge here?"

Thwack! Thwack! Two jeweled-hilt daggers sank into the wall behind my desk. Heart pounding, I spun around in my chair to find a beautiful, young, and very pissed-off woman hefting two more daggers. "I want my own story," she demanded. "I want a hero and a happy ending. I deserve no less!" Thwack! Thwack!

I winced, twice. "Why do you think you deserve your own story?"

Her perfect black-leather-clad breasts heaved with anger even as her eyes hinted at heartbreaking loneliness and a secret vulnerability that I immediately noted, author that I am. "I am queen of the galaxy, last in the line of the Holy Sakkaran goddesses—"

"And castrator of men," I finished for her. "This is not good heroine material."

"So I'm a bad girl. Romance books have bad boys all the time." Her expression turned a little naughty. "The blood of Sakkaran goddesses runs hot, if you know what I mean. I'll promise to make my hero quite happy while I give him hell. Give me a chance. That's all I ask."

I tapped a pencil against my chin as I observed the unhappy queen. "Jared Jasper," Muse whispered in my ear. "He's a confirmed bachelor, a fighter pilot, real-estate broker… and a barbarian from the primitive planet Earth. Confident, in control, doesn't like to be pushed around—and one of the sexiest men you've ever written, in my opinion. But no, it'll never work. They're complete opposites. They'll both refuse."

Except if I made it so they had to marry…

Muse and I exchanged knowing smiles.

"What won't work?" Keira demanded, trying to eavesdrop. "Who's a barbarian?"

"Honey," I soothed, "don't worry about a thing. Go on back to the palace. I'll take care of everything from here." I yanked the daggers out of the wall and returned them.

Muse shook her head as Keira flounced away. "She has no idea what's coming, does she?"

"Isn't that the point?" Smiling wickedly, I opened my laptop and began writing. It is, after all, what I love to do.

I hope you'll join me in learning what happens to Keira, Jared, and the rest of the galaxy. Although My Favorite Earthling is the second story in this series—following Your Planet or Mine?—it's a stand-alone book. It's also my hottest to date, full of the humor, adventure, and smarts you've come to expect from my stories. Look for the conclusion to the series, How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days, this August.

Until next time… fly high!

Susan Grant
3/07: My Favorite Earthling; "a sizzling cosmic romp!"
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  1. You did the right thing, Susan. I've tried resisting, but, as the Borg say, it was futile.

    I remember reading YOUR PLANET OR MINE? I remember wondering if I'd see the galaxy queen again. I can't be the only reader who did! She had that over-the-top quality about her.

    By the way, everybody, I'm throwing a Cyber-Launch Party for MY FAVORITE EARTHLING over at my blog later on this week. Appropriate attire for the evening will include dagger-proof vests.

  2. Anonymous10:36 AM EDT

    Oh, fortunate, fortunate me. I do have a character who throws daggers now and then, but to my great pleasure she's never flung them at me. Perhaps my muse likes to live less dangerously than stiring the pot quite that hard. And, Murphy, if you're close by, you didn't here any of that, okay?

  3. Anonymous2:36 PM EDT

    I officially hate you - you cost me a small fortune keeping up with all your great stories :D
    Looking forward to reading Keira and Jared's as soon as I can afford it :D

  4. Hey, thanks to all of you! Ilona, send me your address and I'll pop a copy of Earthling in the mail. I can't do this all the time but having completed my deadline I'm feeling particularly delirious.

    David, Murphy sounds scary.

    I can't wait for the launch party, Kimber!

  5. Anonymous6:07 PM EDT

    The daggers were an integral part of the novel but the scene with hand cuffs made the book for me. I've read (and enjoyed) both books!