Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Sagging Middle

Nope, I'm not talking about my tummy although it sags, no matter how many ab crunches I do every day. I'm talking about the current work in progress, Star Shadows. I have just found my way through the middle and am ready to proceed with the ending.

So what is it that makes the middle sag? The beginning is always fun, a new project, new ideas, new characters, the excitement of seeing where the story will take you. The first third is always about the set up, the introduction and character growth. Then you get to the middle. Which is logical. You can't just have a beginning and an end.

But when you get to the middle its always the hardest part to write. And the longest. I won't reveal how long it has taken me to get through the middle of this book, lets just say the story is complicated and I lost a dear member of my family while struggling through it.

Maybe its the world building. Or the plot. It's basically a journey between point A and Point B that has to fill about 150 pages. All I know is it takes forever, its slow writing and during this point I always wonder why am I doing this. This book sucks. I'll never finish it.

Then suddenly, just like that your through it. My revelation came yesterday. Yay! I'm ready to write the end. I'll have this book done in two weeks. (I better, its due in a month)

If someone could ever come up for a way through the middle in a timely manner then we could all churn out about ten books a year, instead of two or three. I'm open for suggestions. And very happy that Star Shadows in about to come to its ending.


  1. Hmmm, I always toss a multi-phasic monkey wrench into the hyperspace engines.

  2. If only it didn't take so long to get them repaired ;p

  3. But...but...that's the fun part! The characters all start running around and screaming, and I get to throw my head back and laugh haughtily at them!

  4. Very impressive, Cindy.
    Is this the book that contained two love stories initially, and that you split into two?


    I envy you. I'm just embarking on my midsection.


  5. Yes, two love stories, which is pretty impossible to do in one book. I love the universe I've created and want to spend more time exploring it. I also need to get rid of the wicked Circe so hopefully there will be more Star books. I've just begun to torment Zander, the heir to Oasis. And thats really where the fun is.