Saturday, September 23, 2006


With my new release, Shooting Star, coming in December I thought I'd take the next few Saturdays and tell you about the heroes I have adored from TV or movies. Up first is Jayne from Firefly. So why Jayne. Why not Mal who is so noble and hunky and heroic? Probably because Mal is taken. We all know he loves Enora, so why waste time. Plus there's just something about the bad boy. We all know Jayne needs redemption. All it will take is a good woman. And who can not love a man who loves his momma? I think the perfect woman for Jayne is a hot shot, take no prisoners pilot named Sam who he meets in a bar fight. Who of course should be played by me!

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  1. Jayne? Nope, he never did it for me. Actually, that was the one problem I've had with Firefly. None of the guys rang my chimes. Not that they weren't interesting. They were. Mal was cool though Jayne made me want to slap him more than once. I'd love to sit and talk to Book. Wash was way-cool and someone I'd love to have as a drinking buddy. Simon left me cold. But none were hero material to me.

    But that's okay. That's why there are so many different books and stories so that all of us have a shot at falling in love with a hero somewhere along the line... ;-) ~Linnea