Saturday, September 30, 2006

Apollo or Starbuck

The first verision of Battlestar Gallactica absolutely blew me away. I will never forget the first scene when Apollo and Zach were running from the Cylons and Zach was blown from the sky. I was hooked. No one messed with my Sunday nights. They were reserved for deep space travel.

So which of the hunky pilots did I fall for?

Apollo. The dark haired one with the dreamy eyes.

So why not Starbuck? Dirk Benedict definetly had the looks. And the posters. And he fit the bad boy mold that made Jayne from Firefly my choice. But poor Apollo. He had all that guilt. His brother was killed right before his eyes. He lost his wife. (Remember Jane Seymour in that role) He had a son to raise. His father had the responsibility of the entire fleet which put added pressure on him. Plus he had those great eyes.

I haven't been able to get into the new version now shown on Sci-Fi. Edward James Olmos is just way too depressing. And I can't get over the fact that Starbuck is a woman. I tried. It looks fascinating. Maybe I should get the seasons on dvd and try to figure it out. But I think it will just make me miss Apollo more.


  1. Hi, Cindy,
    I liked the original, too.

    Another one I liked was Blakes Seven!


  2. Hey,
    Was Starbucks the coffee shop intended as Starbuck's but lost the apostrophe and the connotation along the way?

    I never made the connection until I sandwiched myself between your Battlestar blog, and Sue Grant's, where the hero was diverted from taking a short cut across his fields en route for a gourmet coffee when he T-boned into an invisible spaceship that had earlier crashed onto his ranch.


  3. Starbuck... a girl?

    She should be Starhind then!
    Or Stardoe.

    Oh, dear! I can see why they wouldn't use Star Doe



  4. Stardoe?

    um. No. No way. And I don't think Starbuck is Starbucks. Although he would have loved to think so. Poor Starbuck died alone on a moon while saving some strange angel child. I thought that episode pretty much sucked.