Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where it all began

When talking of Futuristic Hunks I have to revisit where it all began. And that was of course with Star Trek. Yes I was addicted. The first episode I ever saw was the one with Kirk battling the rock monster and of course he got his shirt ripped off. Which leads me to think of Galaxy Quest and Tim Allen getting his shirt ripped off. Kind of not the same. And I wasn't more than ten at the time so not the same effect. But I did love Kirk...well just because he was Kirk.

But then Chekov came along. Sigh. For my just turned teen heart he was just the right fit. Think that's what they had in mind when he came on? Someone to connect with the teeny boppers?

Chekov with his cute brown hair and his exotic accent and his hippie ex girlfriend. Yep. Love at first sight. Trouble was I didn't know his first name until the hippie exgirlfriend showed up. Kind of hard to sigh Chekov.

I was glad to see he advanced in Star Fleet. Got his own command. Had a brain worm dropped in his ear. But he survived. I don't think I could have stood it if they killed off Chekov. But come to think of it I never saw him in one of those red shirts which was always a sure sign of disater.

Cindy Holby

(posted in her absence by Rowena Cherry)

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