Tuesday, October 24, 2006

. . . but the author's job is never done.


Your publisher may work from sun to sun, but the author's job is never done.

Today, authors even with the big Manhattan and international publishers, have to do self-promotion that was basically forbidden to authors 30 years ago -- even 20. An author who did what is demanded today was considered stigmatized as an amateur without a future in the business.

Yes, the internet has changed the whole world of publishing and is changing the entire world of FICTION -- what I call the Fiction Delivery System -- more and more on a daily basis.

The huge corporations (Sony, United Artists, etc etc) have decided we have become too big and important to ignore anymore. So they're at war with small entrepreneurs the world over to grab market share of e-book, podcasting, internet radio, and other video niches that fiction consumers now flock to.

Well, that's the key isn't it? An author has to promote to her own market, just like any business, and if necessary make a market. Market is the foundation of promotion.

Here are several internet based opportunities for the right author with the right product, (i.e. books, e- or otherwise.)

1) Promote yourself by becoming known as a Philanthropist:

Sime Center on simegen.com is looking for a new manager. Sime Center connects authors, artists, and charity organizations. The author or artist provides a short story or artwork which the Sime Center manager posts for one month and promotes. The readers donate $2 through PAYPAL (money never handled by Sime~Gen Inc.) and get a good story to read.

A writer has two ways to take advantage of this --

A) Donate a story, become known to readers who wouldn't otherwise have seen your work. Use a short story in a universe where you write novels and get a link to where the novel is sold. Become known as someone who walks the walk you talk about in your books, compassion.

B) Volunteer to work on Sime Center, either soliciting stories from authors or maintaining the html pages. Or both.

2) Sime~Gen Inc. has a large and thriving Reviews Department and is looking for a new head for that operation as the current head wants to rebuild our Romance Section. Become known to and network with Agents, Publishers, Publicists, Writers, Artists, and some people in the video industries as we also review films. You never know when a contact can save your career.

3) The Reviews Department of Sime~Gen Inc. tends to use professional writers as reviewers and is known for that. Volunteer as a Reviewer, get lots of free books, and many iterations of your name on the web cross-connected in search engines with other authors' names. Qualified professional writers are elligible to become independent review columnists in this department.

4) Internet Radio: One of our Sime~Gen Reviewers is an internet radio entrepreneur with a vastly successful podcast. She is owner of an internet radio station and has openings for part time Radio Show hosts and hostesses to interview authors about their latest works.

If you have a voice that records well and would like name recognition with readers, this could be your most inexpensive way to reach thousands of readers in an established audience. It could be your entre into professional radio -- all it takes is experience and a reputation among your followers, and here you can get experience for your resume and followers who will listen to you on other networks.

5) volunteer to be interviewed on podcast about your latest book.

If any of these opportunties awakens your interest -

See: http://www.simegen.com/simecenter/


http://www.simegen.com/agreements/ to see how we do business. (this section does not apply to the radio exposure).

email simegen@simegen.com with your relevant experience and general resume.

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