Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Afterthoughts Part 1


Part 1

In anticipation of there being more afterthoughts - plus a number of reviews and commentaries on long series of books - I put PART 1 in the title.  

At the moment, my everyday task list to keep life going smoothly takes up most of my time and all of my energy, but it is all getting done.

I have maybe 20 minutes of reading time a day -- not getting through books as fast as the best ones are published.  My life is very un-organized right now.

I have a bunch of Kindle books in to-be-read-and-reviewed.

I also did manage to watch (in short snatches) Episode 2 of Season 3 of HAWAII-5-O (the original series), which is about an astrologer -- but presents phony astrology along with a bit of actual factual astrology.  

I do love that show, but mostly for the casting. 

The watchword here is adding sex to science doesn't make it Science Fiction Romance. 

Jacqueline Lichtenberg


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