Saturday, April 24, 2021

Size Matters

If yours is small, April 26th is your day to shine.  

"Yours" meaning your IP enterprise. Why, because April 26th is World Intellectual Property Day, and for the entire week, the world is promoting and celebrating small and medium-sized IP- related enterprises.

If you offer services to copyright owners, you can visit an interactive world map and add your details. So far, there are a smattering of IP attorneys, but if you support authors, this is a great promo opportunity.

Don't wait for Monday to put yourself on the map. You might not be seen by the early birds.

Authors, maybe scramble to do a blog or organize an Event in celebration of Intellectual Property Day 2021.  You can promote it to the world here:

The Copyright Alliance is hosting a couple of events. 

On Tuesday April 27th, at 1.00 pm Eastern, they have "Creative Enterprises: Small  Business, BIG Impact", and on April 28th, at 1.00 pm Eastern, they have "Small Enterprises Making a BIG Difference; Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts." If you did not know that there are lawyers who will help creators for  free, look out for the VLA panel discussion.

For lots more information, events, ideas, and possible promo ops for members of the Copyright Alliance, click here:

If you only watch one message from a politician, check out Thom Tillis who has been a strong supporter of IP rights for authors. He is on the copyright alliance page, second down and is very succinct.

All the best,

Rowena Cherry 

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