Saturday, February 20, 2021

Talking Trademarks

Time is short for those who might like to sign up for a free Trademark Basics Boot Camp webinar run by the USPTO. The deadline to register is February 22nd (Monday!).

The event is on Tuesday February 23rd from 2pm to 3pm Eastern Time.
Click the link for more information, please.
I believe it is expensive to apply for a trademark and be denied, so before you apply, for instance, to trademark a catchy phrase you should do some research, and perhaps even some soul searching. Does that phrase uniquely describe your book series, your brand as an author, your range of products and their source? 
Writing for the Baker & Hostetler  blog that focuses on IP Intelligence (as opposed to the other nine or ten blogs that this prestigious law firm owns),  Robert Horowitz details several tales of trademark application woe and offers some very wise advice to would-be trademark owners and to those advising them.
For those seeking advice or representation, the World Trademark Review conducted a series of interviews with leading TM attorneys.  Here are three links:
Note also the informative right-margin sidebar with topical, trademark-related Tweets!
Question: What do Sexual Performance, Wind Power, and Trademarks have in common? 
Answer: "Use it or lose it!"
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