Sunday, August 30, 2020

In Sickness And In.... Space

I'm having to wing it this morning. My email provider is down, and I cannot access my accumulated blog fodder in my draft folder.

Instead... an advertisement caught my attention yesterday. It appeared to suggest that everyone in America is approximately equally sick, spends approximately the same on medical care and prescriptions, and that savings if the cost of "health care" (which might be code for the cost of insurance, co-pays and deductibles) goes down would more than balance out the cost of tax increases.

The rogue health and fitness blog, which is promoting a book, seems to suggest that there is a connection between  Big Food (that is, heavily processed food which is highly profitable for the manufacturers and very poor in nutritional benefits for the consumer) and Big Pharma (which makes the expensive drugs to alleviate the symptoms caused by poor diet).

Better access to better nutrition might be a better idea, for instance, universal "Blue Apron". That would stick it to Big Food and to Big Pharma!

Maybe space travellers eat highly processed food, and this can cause flatulence as well as other unpleasant symptoms.

Have you seen the Farmers Dog advertisements? Sometimes it seems like we, too, eat Kibble. We just don't think of it that way.

For interesting information about health issues and space travel:

And changes to genes in space:

And they don't even mention huge kidney stones.  But, Harvard does:

Farting in a space capsule can cause disharmony among the crew. It's not funny up there.

It's also a fire hazard in the confines of a space capsule, which is why space Kibble has to be created with care.

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