Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pausing For You To Catch Up With Me Part III

Parts I and II of this series of pauses are found on this blog for the Tuesdays March 16 and March 23.  They list the 10 posts on the Tarot Suit of Swords, the Tarot Suit of Pentacles, and a few reviews looking at trends in the SFR and PNR fields of Romance. 

This list of posts is in response to the question of what is Magic Realism (a sub-genre of Fantasy) and how do you write Magic Realism which appeared on Twitter in February 2010 during the #scifichat.

The first part of my answer is that you study the worldview through the eyes of the real-world history of the Magical View Of The Universe.  This is in contrast to the view of the Magical View Of The Universe you can see through the eyes of The Scientific View Of The Universe.  It's all about Shifting Point Of View, an exercise writers do everyday, three times a day at least. 

I believe that the Magical View Of The Universe is most easily accessed by the science-trained writer of today via the study of Tarot and Astrology. 

This study is not about discarding the scientific view of the universe (do that and you lose your readers) but rather about incorporating the scientific view of reality into the (older and larger) magical view of reality. 

The two views are not incompatible but complimentary.  The scientific view drives Science Fiction and the magical view drives Fantasy genres.  But in the current marketplace, the two views are starting to blend into one, producing some remarkable fiction, SFR being one example.

So over the last few years, I've done a series of posts here giving an overview of Astrology, singling out the least technical premises that can be of use to writers building a world for characters and readers to romp around in. 

This series is called Astrology Just For Writers.  It can also be used to start learning enough of the magical view of the universe, and how it differs from and incorporates the scientific view of the universe, to create a Magic Realism story. 

Here is a list of the URLS for the Astrology Just For Writers series. 







http://aliendjinnromances.blogspot.com/2009/11/astrology-just-for-writers-part-6.html  (This is actually Part 7)






That is obviously not all I need to say on the subject of using Astrology as a worldbuilding tool.  With time, I hope to cover the whole subject and show how it can be used to increase the regard the ordinary reader has for the field of Romance, particularly SFR and PNR.

http://aliendjinnromances.blogspot.com/2016/06/astrology-just-for-writers-part-14.html Science Catches Up.
To do a large job, you need large tools - and Astrology is the John Deere of Soul Moving Equipment manufacturers. 

How To Use Tarot And Astrology In Science Fiction Series:

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Jacqueline Lichtenberg

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