Monday, January 04, 2010

Rebels and Lovers Book Video

REBELS AND LOVERS is the fourth book in the Dock Five Universe, coming from Bantam end of March 2010. Devin Guthrie is my "non-hero" hero...a mega-wealthy techo-geek who finds himself thrust into a situation in which there are no easy answers. Only an option that may be unthinkable:

For these two renegades, falling in love is the ultimate rebellion…

It’s been two years since Devin Guthrie last saw Captain Makaiden Griggs. But time has done little to dampen his ardor for the beautiful take-charge shuttle pilot who used to fly yachts for his wealthy family. While his soul still burns for her, Kaidee isn’t the kind of woman a Guthrie is allowed to marry—-especially in this time of intergalactic upheaval, with the family’s political position made precarious by Devin’s brother Philip, now in open revolt against the Empire. And when Devin’s nineteen-year-old nephew Trip goes inexplicably missing, his bodyguard murdered, this most dutiful of Guthrie sons finds every ounce of family loyalty put to the test. Only by joining forces with Kaidee can Devin complete the mission to bring Trip back alive. Only by breaking every rule can these two renegades redeem the promise of a passion they were never permitted to explore. At risk? A political empire, a personal fortune and both their hearts and lives...

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REBELS AND LOVERS, March 2010: Book 4 in the Dock Five Universe, from Bantam Books and Linnea Sinclair—

Kaidee hated when her ship didn’t work. Dead in space was not a place she liked to be. Especially with an unknown bogie on her tail, closing at a disturbingly fast rate of speed that made her heart pound in her chest and her throat go dry.

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  1. Oh, gee Linnea, you did it again!

    Before logging into email and blogger to see what's up, this morning I wrote my blog post for tomorrow.

    Guess what I wrote about?

    FREEDOM, rebellion to gain independence and how that theme will dominate the fiction field as BEAT YOUR ENEMY has dominated videogames, and conspiracy theories of demons from other dimensions secretly held back by secret magicians has dominated Fantasy for a few years now.

    So you beat me to it.

    But I'm going to post Astrology Just For Writers Part 9 tomorrow anyway. I use Tiger Woods as an example, too.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg