Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Rion is out in stores

Hi Everyone,
RION is out in stores now. And I'm pleased to say they are now in Targets, too. But if you can't find a copy, you can always order on line.

I'm pleased to announce that the book is getting excellent reviews. So please pick up a copy and if you missed LUCAN, it's still available, both in stores and online.

Marisa Rourke is a beautiful, fearless telepath who tames dragonshapers on Earth. Rion is a tall, dark, and sexy space explorer whose home planet is a galaxy away. The attraction between them is undeniable, but Rion is hiding a desperate secret that will change Marisa’s life forever.

Marisa’s gift is the only way Rion can communicate with his people, enslaved by a powerful enemy. He knows that kidnapping her is wrong, but saving his planet is worth sparking the fiery clairvoyant’s fury. Yet hotter—and more explosive—is the psychic bond growing between Marisa and Rion. Could their passion be the key to freeing Rion’s people? Only if he and Marisa can discover how to channel their desire . . . before a vicious enemy destroys them all.
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