Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Allure of the Beast"

Amber Quill Press has just published my short, spicy werewolf romance, “Allure of the Beast,” in their Amber Heat line. Check out the fantastic cover:

Allure of the Beast

Amber Quill is also the publisher of my full-length werewolf novel, SHADOW OF THE BEAST, a horror story (with romantic elements) about a woman in her early twenties who discovers she inherited lycanthropy from her long-lost father. “Allure of the Beast” started as sort of a re-thinking of this premise. Erin, the heroine of this new piece, has known since her teens, when she began to transform, that her father is a werewolf, and she has been in touch with him. But she resents his leaving when she was a baby and wants as little as possible to do with her werewolf nature. When dashing lone wolf Raoul shows up to inform her that the new alpha male has killed her father, she is forced to deal with the pack and embrace her beast nature.

The motif of a character suspended between the human and nonhuman realms, like Spock in STAR TREK, has always enthralled me—hence my human-vampire hybrid protagonists in DARK CHANGELING, CHILD OF TWILIGHT, and “Night Flight.” Erin in “Allure of the Beast” is another of these.

Margaret L. Carter
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