Monday, April 06, 2009

Vid Interview: World Building and Personalities

Linnea Sinclair - World Building and Personalities from Romantic Times BOOKreviews on Vimeo.


AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS by Linnea Sinclair, A Romantic Times Gold Medal Top Pick!

That thought jolted her. What if… what if she spent the rest of her life here, being just Gillie? Not the Kiasidira. Not a Raheiran Sorceress. Not anyone’s Goddess or consort. Not even a captain in the Raheiran Special Forces. But just… Gillie. Just Gillie and Mack. -


  1. I think I've done that automatically with my latest story, SWEET. The theme is 'Achieving the Freedom to Live' and the Heroine is in a 'cornered animal' situation. And so I set it in an isolated mountain town without even thinking. Personality-wise, she's an avoider, not a fighter. If she ever wants to be free, however, she's going to have to fight.

    I've been reading lots of articles here, Sime-Gen, and at Editing Circle, among others, to brace myself for the fleshing out stage of revision.

    Here's another post from this blog which I found useful in conjunction with this one-

    Does anyone know any others regarding Theme?

    How about Pacing? So far the story feels 'choppy' and I can't figure out why.

  2. Anonymous7:27 PM EDT

    I enjoyed the blog, Linnea!

    Jacki Bentley (sci-fi romance writer, COFW member)

  3. Kimber An, I love "cornered" or "locked room" scenarios. No escape. Must face conflict which then is an additional conflict.

    Pacing. Let me poke around. I remember seeing some good things somewhere... ~Linnea

  4. Thanks Jacki! We hope to be back up in Ohio by the end of May. ;-) Maybe I'll even make a COFW meeting this year--LOL! ~Linnea