Monday, April 13, 2009

Vid Interview: Fans and the Writing Process

Linnea Sinclair - Fans and the Writing Process from Romantic Times BOOKreviews on Vimeo.

Games of Command by Linnea Sinclair—SF Romance from Bantam Spectra—Excerpts and more at

She tossed a light parting comment over her shoulder as she headed back to the hatchway. “When we land, you get to buy me a beer, Kel-Paten. And if we don’t make it,” she stopped at the hatchway and turned, “you still get to buy me a beer. In the hell of your choice.”


  1. Cool series of interviews, Linnea. I really enjoyed watching.

  2. Good stuff, Linnea.

    I usually have to take an emotional break from my story to get the full impact. I'll go back and read what I wrote and, hopefully, go, "Wa-ha!" Rather than, "Huh?"