Sunday, May 04, 2008

What I'm reading...

I'm just out of deadline hell, so am tickled silly with myself for reading someone else's book this week.

Of course, I really ought to have printed out my own, and be going over it for stray commas and missing tiny parts that make all the difference whether or not a sentence makes sense.

However... for the last month, I've been leaping wildly out of bed at 3am (not good for the waistline or the eyes) to meet my own deadline for KNIGHT'S FORK. Now, I want a reward.

I'm reading Lisa Shearin's sequel to Magic Lost, Trouble Found. Raine Benares's adventures continue in Armed and Magical.

Since I'm only up to p 49, this isn't a review, and I wouldn't be writing about Lisa Shearin's books at all if I weren't thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying her magical world of elves, goblins, humans, mages, pirates, a nightclub owner who used to be a Duke and who is revealed to be more powerful every time we see him (at least, he was in MLTF).

Right... I've got to find out what's happening next


Rowena Cherry


  1. *huge grin*

    Rowena, I'm so glad you're enjoying Armed & Magical! And being in the midst of deadline hell myself for Raine's next adventure (The Trouble With Demons), I know what it's like to look foward to reading someone else's work for a change -- and I'm honored and tickled that you chose mine to reward yourself with. ; ) Thank you!


  2. You won't be disappointed, Rowena. You can count on Lisa to deliver the goods. I've read, reviewed, and cyber-launched both novels.

  3. I don't think this sequel is on my to-read stack. Apparently they didn't send me one, or I'd have read it already.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg