Saturday, May 10, 2008


I am currently reading Netherworld by Michelle Lang. Its the latest in the Shomi line that released Twist. I love the fact that Shomi features stories that don't have a niche in the mass market world.

Netherworld talks about living a simulated life. People are actually able to experience life as an Avatar in a computer game. They "feel" everything that happens to their Avatars, even down to sexual satisfaction. But by humans spending so much time inside the sims the AI is able to learn more about the human psyche until it becomes more powerful and demands that all humans become part of the machine. Which brings into question, what happens to the human soul once the humans reduce down into the machine? I'm not quite done with it yet but it brings up some interesting prospects. Plus its a great read.

It also kind of goes along with Margaret's post. How much human simulation is enough? At what point will robots become more like human or animal clones that are imprinted with the images of pets or even people that we've lost. As technology becomes more advanced it will be something that our conscious and our governments will need to decide. I guess it all will come down to the value of the human soul.

I have to admit that it would be nice to have a replica of my cocker spaniel around. But would I see the essence of what was Dauber when I looked into a replicant's eyes and would it feel the same. I'm not sure these are questions that apply to my generation but I am fairly certain they are not too far off in the future.


  1. I'll be reading and reviewing this one soon at Enduring Romance. In fact, I think it comes book after next. I just reviewed SHADES OF DARK by our own Linnea Sinclair. I'm reading THE RED QUEEN'S DAUGHTER next and I think NETHERWOOD after that. Yes, one of the things which drew me to it was that it was outside the norm.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM EDT

    Hey Colby!

    I'm psyched you're enjoying certainly is not an "inside the box" kind of romance. I'm obsessed with the intersection of technology and society -- and I also thought falling in love in avatar has some interesting wrinkles to it!

    Michele L.