Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bear Awareness Week

Not only is today (Sunday) Mother's Day, but it is also the start of
Bear Awareness Week.

And the connection to alien romance is...?

Admittedly, it's tenuous. It has to be were-bears and shapeshifters, and maybe berserk, bear-spirit-possessed Viking warriors who seem to have had a dark ages type of 'roid rage.

Anyway, an intrepid bunch of bear-loving, speculative Romance authors are going to get together to thrash out what it is we love about men who have a lot in common with bears.

Angie Fox, Carrie Masek, Sandy Lender, Cynthia Eden and Charlee Boyett-Compo are joining me on internet voices radio tonight between 9pm Eastern and eleven pm to give a whole new depth of meaning to Bear men and Romance.

We'd love some listeners, even for a little while.

For those whose taste in alien romance veers off the beaten track into exotic historicals, check out the last CRAZY TUESDAY/

In the last program, Jade Lee and Emily Bryan (aka
Diana Groe) talked about everything below the belt in honor of Earth
Day... from Brazilian waxes for courtesans, to castration, to foot

FOR CHERRY PICKING SPECIALS, which is the irreverent and irregular
Sunday night-time show about Romance heroes and the animals they shift
into being when the right female comes along.

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry


  1. Being an Alaskan, I don't find anything romantic about bears. They get their jollies and leave the sows to rear the cubs alone. In fact, a male bear will kill his own cubs if he ever encounters them. Mama Bears, on the other hand, deserve a lot of admiration and respect, especially today. For thus comes the old saying often used to warn people who would threaten a human mother's children in any way, "Never get between a Mama Bear and her cubs." Someone always does, of course, and the end up as bear poo on the trail.


  2. Kimber,

    It sounds like male bears have a lot in common with male lions (although I think it's rival males' cubs that a lion will slaughter), male crocs, male tigers....

    Some animals are more popular than others when it comes to shapeshifter romance heroes.

    Best wishes,