Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shapeshifters of the sea

Although my head is in outer space --where else?-- as I struggle to meet an extended deadline for the fourth of my alien romances KNIGHT'S FORK (Prince Djarrhett's story, which takes up where INSUFFICIENT MATING MATERIAL left off), I'm also counting down to an internet radio special.

What kind of sexy, inter-species-loving aliens prowl in the icy blackness of our deepest seas?

In celebration of Sea Otter Awareness week, the "Cherry Picking" occasional show will run from 9.00 pm (Eastern Time) until midnight on Sunday 23rd September. We will be talking about shapeshifters of the seas and the environmental issues that affect their lives, their food chain, their passions.

Alyssa Day,
Jeff Dwyer,
Barbara Karmazin,
Marjorie M Liu,
Deborah MacGillivray,
Jacquie Rogers
Skylar Sinclair,
Dawn Thompson,

will be joining Rowena Cherry to speculate about selkie, dolphin-men, sea otters, sea lions, man-whales, and other salty sea-lords who make a splash in the midnight surf....

or wild wet hunks that go hump in the night, if you prefer.

Find out how to tune in for this, and all PIVTR programming at

With best wishes and apologies for the promo,


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