Sunday, September 23, 2007

Questions for the bloggers

Kimber An, a regular reader and commentator on this blog, has very kindly suggested some questions that she would like the authors on this blog to answer individually, in their own time, if they wish to do so.

1. What are the absolute must-do conventions (as in, Should one introduce the Hero before the Villain? Must there be a Happy Ever After in sfr?)

2. What do most have in common?

3. What authors inspired the participating authors on this blog?

4. When did SFR become a recognized sub-genre? And who led the way?

5. Who were the pioneers?


I've got a radio show from 9pm to 11 pm Eastern tonight, so I'm busy preparing. I shall be interviewing, or facilitating a round table discussion with Marjorie M Liu, Barbara Karmazin, Ghost Hunter Jeff Dwyer, Dawn Thompson, Cassandra Curtis.

We're talking about a special sort of alien romance: Shapeshifters of the Sea on Passionate Internet Voices Talk Radio

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry


  1. Since I'm working on a Historical right now, I thought it would be a good idea to take an outside-the-forest look at SFR.

  2. <<1. What are the absolute must-do conventions >>

    I initially read this as in hotel-and-booze conventions. You know. Romantic Times BOOKlovers and all that. ;-)

    Yes, in SFR, if it's to have the R, you have to have an HEA. Now I think how you define that HEA is probably more flexible than in other romance genres. You don't need a wedding and white picket fence on the last page, savvy? But the romantic/intimate adventure relationship must have a positive outcome by book's end to qualify as SFR. ~Linnea

  3. Great questions!

    Hey Rowena! I really loved doing the show the other night, and I must say I was impressed with the other books mentioned on the show.

    My VISA bill has increased. LOL :wink: But I won't complain. I am enjoying the SFR adventure!

    Love SFR! Please keep them coming!