Saturday, September 08, 2007

Don't judge a book by its cover!

Linnea sent me an email with a copy of her cover for Down Home Zombie Blues (see below) Yes there is a resemblence between her cover and my Shooting Star cover.

Which means two great minds in two different art departmens at two different publishers think alike. I have to admit I liked the Red cover for Down Home Zombie Blues also because it reminded me of the heat in the story. The temperature in south Florida where the story takes place is hot and so is the chemistry between Theo and Jorie. I got to read the story before it hits the shelves and it is great!

Its also funny that Linnea mentioned that her publisher is moving her into the romance market. I recommended Games Of Command to one of my readers and finally found it in Sci-fi. I automatically thought romance because of the relationships she builds in her stories. Great world building, great romance and great covers. It all sounds like a complete package to me.

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