Monday, September 17, 2007


I’m going to filch a page directly from MAGIC LOST, TROUBLE FOUND’s author, Lisa Shearin, and offer to put GAME S OF COMMAND’s Admiral Branden Kel-Paten on the hot seat for the next two weeks. It’s an idea I’ve been thinking of for some time but until Lisa convinced Paladin and spellsinger, Mychael Elliesor to ‘fess up on her blog, well, I had a snowball’s chance in the deserts of Ren Marin of getting Kel-Paten front and center.

It’s not that he’s shy. I mean, a 6’3” human/cyborg fleet officer and acknowledged killing machine shouldn’t be shy, should he? And he did very begrudgingly grant me an interview several years back. Of course, that was an interview with me, his author. Submitting himself to the scrutiny of total strangers is something completely different. Or so he tells me, and not in a happy tone of voice.

However, since Mychael folded, uh, that is, so graciously agreed to respond to questions from Lisa Shearin’s readers, I felt I could put a little more pressure on Kel-Paten. That is, Sass and I could put a little more pressure on Kel-Paten. She has far more sway with him than I do.

So think of what you’d like to ask the indomitable admiral, post your questions here or email them to me via my site, and next Monday I’ll get Branden front-and-center and in the hot seat.
Sound good?

Remember, you can catch up with the some after-the-last-page scenes here and here.


  1. Anonymous11:17 AM EDT

    Boxers or briefs?

  2. If you fell in a pond, would you short-circuit?

    How do you get furzel fur out of your carpet?

    Does Sass snore?

    Sure, you're brave when it comes to blasting bad guy aliens, but what would you do if someone handed you a newborn baby human and you couldn't hand it off to anyone and Sass is totally clueless about babies and it would die if you didn't take care of it?

    Do you like hot cocoa with marshmellows in it?

    My characters are always running amuck. Do you ever play practical jokes on Linnea? I bet Sass does. You can tell me. I won't tell Linnea. Promise.

    Did you get drunk at my Cyber-Launch party? I can't remember.

    Do furzels eat tribbles?

    Does Sass get mad at you for spending too much at Spaceship Depot?

  3. Can you tell us something about the time you were separated? Did you expect to make it back to Sass?

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM EDT

    What sign are you?

    Could we have dinner? Platonic, of course. :-) Or lunch? Or drinks? Or all three?

  5. How did you make sure your letters wouldn't be found all those years. Since you had to be careful what you allowed yourself to think in regard to her, how did you keep the letters confidential?

  6. If a genie granted you one wish...what would it be?

    Can you get Sass pregnant? If so, would the baby have any of your characteristics?

  7. Anonymous7:16 PM EDT

    I swiped these from the Dear Author review because I want to know too.

    Specifically, how and why did he become a biocybe? Was it the result of an injury, or was he healthy and whole when the wires and computers were implanted in him? Did he volunteer for this dangerous operation, or was he given no choice?

  8. Anonymous7:33 PM EDT

    Well, it seems my questions were answered in the comment section of the review. Should've finished reading before posting. I still would like to know how the cyborg transition affected him and his relationship with his family. Especially his brother. They seem really close, but obviously have to hide it.

  9. Anonymous12:05 PM EDT

    When is Sass going to "make an honest" man of you?

  10. Hope it is not too late for another question. I have been traveling in my RV for the last 6 weeks and have only had limited internet access.

    What is you job and title in the new Allience? Have you had a hard adjustment going from being in charge to living with the Captain?