Saturday, July 07, 2007

So many posts, so little time

I've been trying to post a copy of my Star Shadows cover all day. For some reason the site won't pick it up. I've also been trying to get my Meez of Elle, who is the heroine in SS up. But the site is down...Frustration upon Frustration.

I just finished reading my page proofs for Star Shadows. This was probably the most difficult book I've ever written. It took me over a year to do something that usually takes four months. My family was going through a difficult time with the long slow death of a loved one. At one point I had to walk away from it and come back. I discovered halfway through that I had too much plot for the story. I have a six year gap in the story just so it won't be too long. The first half is about the innocence and foolishness of youth and the second half about second chances.

There comes a point in a book when you are too close too it to judge it as a whole. You have to step back, take a break and look at it with fresh eyes. This was good. It gave me an entirely new appreciation of the characters and the story.

Star Shadows will be out in November. Until then I've got Twist to finish and a historical release, Rising Wind to promote. Since I'll be going on the road in my Cindy Holby persona I won't be around to post. So I"m taking a break from Alien Blog until September.

Take care!

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  1. Anonymous8:08 AM EDT

    See you in September. Gosh, that'd make a great song title, donn't ya think? ::grins:: Looking forward to your new titles. :-)