Saturday, July 28, 2007

Romances With Aliens

Romances With Aliens...

Apparently, it was last Saturday --a week ago-- that the allegedly alien lights were seen in the sky over Stratford-Upon-Avon (but I did not see it on the news until Thursday).

Last Monday, the distributor from the UK sent me an email to tell me that Insufficient Mating Material is now in stock in the UK, in case I wanted to promote it a bit. I've cried Wolf! in good faith so many times to my friends in the UK, that it's a bit of a problem being believed, not to mention my own embarrassment!

Anyway, when I saw the TV report and heard the description of the lights, I had a "Close Encounters" moment.

"How can I make something of a triangle?" I thought. "As a signal!"

In my books --and probably every other alien romance or action adventure-- sign language is used, because not all species can speak, and because we're used to soldiers and swat teams making signals to one another.

"And, it has to be something to do with Romance or Sex."

Do you remember the childish designs we made using W, X, Y, Brackets?

So then, I put out a specious press release (sort of), claiming responsibility for something that had nothing whatsoever to do with me.

"Insufficient Mating Material arrived in the UK to widespread awe and speculation... and much confusion.

Alien Star Forces commanders assumed that Earthlings would understand that a display of a triangle formation was a signal of their peaceful interest in human pubic regions."

I know there were two other moving lights. I had an explanation for those, too. Now, I'm writing an interest in pubic triangles into the almost-finished next book.

What other news events are favorite PR hooks for alien romance publicity?

Best wishes,
Rowena Cherry

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  1. And here I thought the aliens were just returning William Shakespeare to us! Now, I am so bummed. I mean, gee-wiz, they can keep Elvis, but not the Bard!