Monday, July 09, 2007

And then...another GAMES OF COMMAND scene

Another little GAMES OF COMMAND vignette than ran through my mind (and into the keyboard) after the story "ended" in the book:

Sass was nervous as she stepped into the Regalia’s ready room. Branden Kel-Paten saw that in the way her gaze flicked to his as he rose from his seat behind the room’s long conference table; saw it in the way she was trying not to purse her lips as her mind—-caffeine-fueled, as usual-—worked at light speed. And he saw it in the way she absently fingered the edge of her utility belt, then caught herself and stopped. After three months of living with her on the Regalia, he knew all her little idiosyncrasies and more.

After three months of living with him, he thought she might realize she had nothing to worry about. It wasn’t as if he was going to kill the man following Sass into the ready room. Though the thought did hold a certain appeal…

“Kel-Paten.” Dag Zanorian nodded curtly, the ready room door shutting silently behind him.

Ooh, jealous! Tank’s furry head poked over the table top from where he’d been snoozing on an adjacent chair for the past hour while Kel-Paten went over the latest block of data he snagged from a Concordance cruiser before it escaped into the Void. The furzel’s empathic and telepathic range had expanded in those passing three months and he was never subtle about commenting on what he sensed or heard.

Embarrassing at times in the privacy of the captain’s quarters. But informative right now.

So Dag Zanorian was jealous. Imagine that.

“Zanorian.” Kel-Paten nodded back.

“Sit, Dag,” Sass pointed to a chair opposite his, compscreen already slatted up out of the table top and at the ready. “We’re all on the same side now.” She rounded the end of the table then lifted Tank out of the chair. The black and white furzel thumped down onto the ready room table with a soft sigh. Love Mommy!

Sass swiveled the chair around to sit. Kel-Paten brushed the top of her head with a kiss before she did so, sat when she did, didn’t miss the narrowing of Zanorian’s eyes.

Big jealous!

Sass tapped a white paw in warning. Evidently she heard Tank this time.

Kel-Paten bit back a grin while he shunted data to Zanorian’s screen. “This is the pattern we’ve been picking up in this sector for two weeks now,” he told Zanorian as a private message popped up on his screen: Gloating is unprofessional.

But it feels so damn good, he sent back to her screen with a thought. The Regalia—-being U-Cee-—wasn’t designed with data ports at every comp station for him to spike in. So far he’d only had time to convert two stations in the ready room, one on the bridge and, of course, in the one in the captain’s quarters. The majority of his time was spent bringing the New Alliance fleet up to date with everything he knew about the Triad. It didn’t matter it was now called the Sanctified Concordance. The hardware—ships, station, data systems—were still Triad built. And the personnel—even though they were Ved controlled—were still Triad Fleet crew and officers. The latter pained him. It was bad enough to witness the deaths of some of his key officers. It was worse to watch those still alive, controlled and driven insane by the Ved...


See, the characters really never shut up. Or go away. I guess that's kind of good. ;-) ~Linnea


  1. Just makes me want to read more. Sass and the Admiral must have more to say. I think Rallan Kel-Tyran and Dag Zanorian need thier own story.

    Hope the publisher want more like the rest of us.

  2. Thank you for another glimpse into Sass & Kel-Paten. Please, keep them coming.

  3. Silverjo, Thanks for your nice comment! Definitely, Dag needs his time. Actually, I KNOW Rall's's just a matter of organizing it and getting it on my hard drive. ;-) He has a fiance named Fyoni, by the way. ;-) But that's not where the story starts...or does it? ~Linnea

  4. Stacy, Glad you enjoy the tidbits! I'm on the road again tomorrow (just got off the plane today) at RWA National in Dallas but I hope when I come home--although I'll be deep in writing CHASIDAH'S CHOICE--that I'll have some time to see what Sass and Kel-Paten are up to (and the furzels...can't forget the furzels...) ~Linnea

  5. Linnea, I'm sure hoping for a sequel. Meanwhile, I'll just keep eating up these scenes as long as you keep posting them. :)

    Love the fun tension here, and that you've given Kel-Paten his chance to 'save the universe.'