Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Title Help--calling all would be title experts

Hi All,
I could really use some title help. My next books is a romantic suspense and is not tied to my June 26th release, Kiss Me Deadly. The book is a stand alone. It's about a secret formula my heroine inherits--along with her father's business partner--the hero. And someone is after the formula. My heroine is a classical dance teacher with a yen for tribal belly dance. The hero is a businessman. The book is set in Florida outside of Tampa.

All suggestions welcome.

Susan Kearney


  1. No suggestions on actual titles. I would only recommend that you consider the readers you want to reach. The titles which grab my attention are specific and embody the essence of the main characters.

  2. Kimber,
    I agree. That's why I cannot think of the right title. sigh. Nothing seems quite right.

  3. A FORMULA FOR LOVE jumped right out at me, but perhaps that's too obvious. It also doesn't really have the same sort of feel as KISS ME DEADLY. It might not sound like your type of title.

    Maybe you can just brainstorm by playing one title off the other. Don't worry if they sound stupid, just keep doing it until you find the right one.


    I'm not really suggesting any of these as titles, but maybe they can jog your imagination.

  4. Thanks, Nevitt,
    Titles can be tricky. I do understand the brainstorming part. Usually I come up with a title right away or one elludes me forever. sigh.

  5. Anonymous2:09 PM EDT

    First I want to say thanks for a great read (just finished Island Heat :D)
    Then I want to tell you that snappy short titles always attract my eyes. Tia's suggestions all would get me reading the back blurb at least ;)
    The first title that came to me on reading your synopsis was BIRTHRIGHT BLUEPRINT TO LOVE
    I know pathetic, but that's why you write the books and I just read them :D

  6. A title that's memorable always expresses or symbolizes the theme.

    The elements you've described don't tell us what the story is about - what it says about life and the human condition.

    What statement does this book make?

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  7. Sue, I challenged my readers on my Yahoo loop. They're a nutty bunch. Let's see what they can come up with. They'll either post here or email them to me and I'll email you. ~Linnea

  8. Anonymous11:05 PM EDT

    Posting both places. Because I'm nutty that way. *grins and waves*

    Ba Boom boom

    Exothermic State

    Body of Knowledge

  9. Ilona,
    Thanks for reading Island Heat I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Actually those suggestions have got me thinking. The problem with romantic suspense is that I need words that evoke both romance and suspense in the title. It would be a little easier if I knew what the cover was going to look like. :)

    Jacqueline--Okay, the theme of the book is letting oneself be strong enough to be vulnerable enough to fall in love. Not that I say that once in the book, but it's always my underslying theme in one way or another. Does that suggest any titles?

    And Linnea,
    I'd appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks.

  10. Susan:

    Ah, well of course that's INTIMATE ADVENTURE -- not a great title.

    OK brainstorming:

    Personal Bottom -- Line (with the -- as part of the title).

    Hearts Attacked

    Honor Bound

    Life's Work

    Could use a classical dance move used as a repeated symbol in the book -- or a belly dance move.

    The Pirouette Contract

    Seven Veils and a Tutu

    Possession is Nine Tenths

    Could use the name of the formula if it's catchy.

    Classical Danceman

    Incitement to Business

    For Personal Gain

    The Risk-Reward Equation

    Go For Broke

    Act of Faith

    Tending to Business (an allusion to the almost off-color commercial where the guy has connectile dysfunction on his computer)

    Businessmen "get off" on closing a deal -- it's addictive like gambling -- adrenalin addiction.

    Hannibal's saying from A-Team -- "I just love it when a plan comes together!"

    Oh, how about
    "My plan or yours?"

    Shake My -- uh, Hand

    Most of those have been done, or just aren't any good.

    Keep brainstorming.

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg