Monday, June 18, 2007

I'm a meez-ing

[warning: rampant silliness]

I was all set to do something writerly and genre-ly about aliens and legends and our books and how our characters and ourselves perceive it all (and how run-on sentences suck...). Then I went to author Tori 'Sofie Metropolis' Carrington's site (because the writing team of Lori and Tony were of great help in teaching me, or rather Theo Petrakos, to swear in Greek in THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES) and there was a Meez on their site.

I was hooked. Okay, I've been on Neopets for several years. I've seen Zwinkys but they didn't grab me. Meez grabbed me. I'm a meez now.

Yep, that me as a Meez and Daq-cat. On a starship bridge. What could be better? You can also find me in the Bar on my site:

If this amuses you, here's the official spiel and link:

You can make your own at
When you sign up, enter my username: linnea1015 as the referral (yeah, we get some kind of points for doing so).

Yes, silliness. But it does somewhat relate our desire to escape who we are, and explore "other" (and we've had some great blogs here on "other-ness"). Books were for the longest while, the epitome of "escape" and "explore other." Then came radio (The Shadow Knows!) and television (Star Trek).

Now we can actually BE an other. There I am, with my beloved cat. On the bridge of my starship.

Is that too cool, or what? (And yes, I do own and am at this moment wearing lime green Crocs, just like my Meez.)

If you become a-meez-ed, post and let me know. Maybe I'll start a link to all my a-Meez-ing friends and readers on my site.

Off to Ohio early Wednesday morning, so if you live in Buckeye-ville, come see me at:

June 22nd-- WALDENBOOKS Tuttle Crossing Mall, Columbus OHBook signing 1130am – 1pm

June 23rd--ELYRIA, OH, PUBLIC LIBRARY, West River Branch, 1194 West River Road NorthMeet and Greet with the Teen Advisory BoardPublic Workshop & Public Book signing hosted by Waldenbooks/Borders Express12:30 pm until 4:30 pm

June 24th-- WALDENBOOKS The Mall at Fairfield Commons, Beavercreek OHBook signing and Meet and Greet with the Romance Readers Group2pm – 4:30pm+



  1. Cool new thing, Linnea!

    Hey, you'll be in the neighborhood of my alma mater, the English Nanny & Governess School. It's in Chagrin Falls. If you bump into Mrs. Roth, the director, and she asks about me (of course, she'll automatically know I'm one of your readers) tell her I've been a good little nanny. All the childcare professionals in all my novels are portrayed in a positive and often heroic light.

  2. Anonymous7:14 PM EDT

    What fun! I just made a meez!

    I love my avitar that i made from that link from your website too linnea!

  3. How cool! I'm a pirate girl Meez.

  4. Diane, I left a message in your Meez chat box but it named me Smooch Dumplings. ???

    Anon, your image is great but I can't find out who you are from that--look at the URL Diane used below. That will lead to your page.

    I like to list all Meezes on my site in the Bar. Let me know if that's okay. :-) ~Linnea

  5. I got mine, tweaked it, changed it again. I can see how this can be a real time-eater! Now, I want to do meezes of all my characters.

    P.S. I've posted my review of Lisa Shearin's new release at

  6. Here is mine:

    It was kind of difficult to find clothing in regency-style dress, but I think I came close.