Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Kiss Me Deadly trailer

To advertise my latest book, I decided to make my own video trailer. You can watch it at It turned out to be a family affair. My daughter Tara acted in part of it. She's the girl thrown against the wall. My son played the villain and my husband drove the truck. My daughter did the text and a friend shot the actors. I wrote the script and helped edit. For about 40 seconds of film, it took two months of work. Not a solid two months--I was writing a book at the time, too. Anyway, this book, Kiss Me Deadly is a romantic suspense. I have found that going back and forth between genres, romantic suspense and my futuristic romances helps keep the writing fresh and the mind sharp.

But to answer the questions I'm asked most often:
1) Will I write more futuristics? Yes. In fact, Solar Heat is already finished and will be out next February. My daughter shot the cover photograph.
2) Will my books return to space? Yes.
3) Will I be writing more Rystani warriors? I hope so. The plan is to connect the Rystani series with the Heat series in a few more books.

For those of you who love paranormal, you've probably noticed that more of them are in stores than ever before. And this is due to readers buying these books and recommending them to their friends. Please keep up the good work. Your support means our publishers will keep buying these stories. So please, please keep recommending them to your friends. And if you like romantic suspense as well, please give Kiss me Deadly a try. It will be out in stores June 26 , 2007

Susan Kearney


  1. They don't sound like my cup of tea, but I definitely think doing both Romantic Suspense and Futuristics is a great idea. The reason you mentioned is one, but also I've seen how this widens an author's readership. That can only be a good thing, in my novice opinion.

  2. I think this book-trailer phenomenon is absolutely the wave of the future and even of "now."

    However you have a typo in this that MZB made famous to me when this exact typo didn't get corrected in one of her books, and the whole sentence and the whole book took on a different plot and meaning.

    You typed fiend for friend.

    Maybe you should correct that and note it here?

    Jacqueline Lichtenberg

  3. Super cool trailer! That's something I want to get done, too, when I have time to work with my webmaster son on it. So a "fiend" shot the actors, eh? :) With a camera, I hope? And how did you summon him/her from the abyss?

  4. Me Too.

    May I borrow your fiend, some time?



  5. Kimber,
    Hopefully readers will read the romantic suspense and try the paranormal. That's part of the plan.

    Thanks, all, I got the typo. I'm a terrible typist, worse speller and my copy editing sucks. :) It's a good thing I can tell stories.

    Yeah, You can borrow my fiend. :)