Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The other day my daughter was teasing me because I couldn't get my blog to upload a picture. She siad I should have lived a hundred years ago. But the truth is that I should have been born in the future, to a place where I could say, upload x picture to y blog and it would obey. Instantly. With no glitchs.

In the meantime, I'm totally frustrated with blogging. The email addy I've used for ten years needed an update so I could use a new server--but now half my old passwords won't work because the User ID changed. Sheesh. Now I'm even talking gobbly gook.

And why can't I cut and paste from Word to a blog? Or from one blog to another? I mean come on, why is this stuff so hard?

I have a page at Myspace that my son's friend put up for me. And it won't recognize me because I now have a new email addy. I'm sure someone under the age of 12 can probably tell me how to fix the problem as well as reset my watch. But what I'd really like is to give voice instructions and not have to think. Really, I want to save my brain power and creativity for stories. I'm not anti-technology. i want more technology. Better technology.

Which is probably why I love to write stories set in the future--with technology I can dream up. Since I have a book coming out ISLAND HEAT around Feb. 6th I really should be blogging about it. Saying something snappy so you'll all go to my web site, look at the booktrailer and read. Maybe even better, you'll tell your friends. But I'm tired and grouchy and grumpy. And have nothing brilliant or clever to say. Sorry.

So I'm going to take a nap instead.

Susan Kearney


  1. Anonymous6:14 PM EST

    Like I always say, "Slaying dragons is nice, but it takes a real hero to make a lady's computer work for her."

  2. Hope you enjoyed the nap. As a fellow sufferer from todays technology I too am looking forward to the day it actually works with voice activation :D
    Meanwhile I will be buying books like yours and dreaming :D