Monday, January 15, 2007

Talk to me, my darlings...

First a bit of BSP but with a purpose. I'm teaching some on-line writing workshops in the next two months and, as a number of you have emailed me about how I write, here's your chance to find out, for real. Please note these are TWO DIFFERENT VENUES. Oh, and the February one (Florida Writers), the website reg info is wrong--Paypal is offline. Registration is checks only for everyone until it's fixed.


February 1 - 15, 2007 - Pitches, Tag lines & Blurbs, Oh My!, Linnea
Sinclair, MINI


It’s the three-liner on the front of the book that catches your eye. It’s the two paragraphs on the back of the book that tickles your interest. It’s opener of your query letter and it’s the phrase you have at the ready when a top NY agent asks you: “So, what’s your book about? Tell me in less than three minutes.”

Pitches, blurbs and tag lines are those indispensable tools every writer must have in order to sell a book. They’re pithy, they’re short, they stay in your mind. That’s why they work. They also help you craft your marketing plan once you sell. Learn the formula for creating pitches and tag lines that will sell your book to agents and editors at conference pitch sessions or via queries, from award-winning NY-published author and former news reporter, Linnea Sinclair.

Speaker Bio:

Linnea Sinclair is a former news reporter and retired private investigator turned science fiction romance and fantasy novelist. Her books include Finders Keepers, Gabriel’s Ghost and An Accidental Goddess, with three more titles due out from Bantam/Random House in 2007. Her books’ have won or finaled in the RITA, Prism, Sapphire, Pearl, Dream Realm, FWA Royal Palm and several RWA chapter contests. Her essay column for Futures magazine was a Pushcart Literary Nominee in 1998 and in 2002-2003 she was a John W. Campbell award nominee. She can be reached through her website at

Registration Deadline: January 25th


March 1-31, 2007
Character Torture 101
INSTRUCTOR: Linnea Sinclair
Cutoff date to receive registration and payment: February 27, 2007

Writing Guru Dwight Swain said that it’s the author’s job to manipulate the emotions of the reader. There’s no better way to do this than for the author to put his characters through one roller coaster episode after another, taking the reader along for the ride. But how much conflict, how much character angst is too much? How can an author keep the action from becoming cartoonish? Bantam Spectra author Linnea Sinclair answers those questions and more in this fun and fast-paced (because torturing students is good, too!) workshop that explores the importance of conflict in today’s commercial fiction novels.

A former news reporter and retired private detective, Linnea Sinclair has managed to use all her college degrees (journalism and criminology) but hasn’t soothed the yearning in her soul to travel the galaxy. To that end, she’s authored several award-winning science fiction and fantasy novels, including FINDERS KEEPERS, GABRIEL’S GOHST, and AN ACCIDENTAL GODDESS (all from Bantam-Spectra), and her upcoming 2007 Bantam releases including CHASIDAH’S CHOICE and THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES (a sci fi romance procedural). Sinclair is the winner of the Sapphire, PEARL, EPPIE, a 2006 double RITA nominee and RITA winner! When not on duty with some intergalactic fleet or deep space security agency, she can be found in Florida with her husband and their thoroughly spoiled cats.
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The other thing I want to mention is that authors love hearing from readers. It's one of the reasons we do this blog. I know a number of my readers read this but don't comment because--they tell me--they didn't think I'd be interested in what they have to say. OF COURSE I would! I wrote FOR you, so your thoughts and ideas interest me.

So whether you're a writer wanting to improve your skills or a reader with questions about my books--TALK TO ME. I'm here for ya'. And I love talking writing theory/ideas and I love talking about my characters.

~Linnea (getting over the flu and on medication and antibiotics now--hence the late blog. Was at the Walk In Clinic most of the afternoon...)


  1. Anonymous8:03 PM EST

    Linnea, I'd love to hear more about the Zombie book! What's it about? What made you decide to go from outer space stories to down-home Florida? I know some readers prefer their favorite authors to keep writing the same kind of stories over and over, and I like that too. But, I also LOVE it when an author writes something different because it lets me see how she flexes her other muscles.

    Kimber An

  2. Hey Kimber, I'll address writing outside one's personal genre box/character box next week (I WILL be over this danged cough by then!). I think it's a good topic--thanks! ~Linnea (cough wheeze sniffle)

  3. It's a pity I can't get to either of them as I live in the UK. Well as a reader I guess I don't really need to go anyway LOL.
    I hope the flu clears up quickly - I get the flu jab every year to avoid it as I am asthmatic, so I only know from hearsay how awful it can be.

  4. Hi Ilona, Both courses are ON LINE on the internet. I've had students from all over the planet in past classes. You're more than welcome. :-)

    Flu: I rarely, rarely get sick that getting 'the jab' never made sense to me. I'm probably good to go for another 5 years after this bout. ~Linnea