Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Susan Kearney's-- ISLAND HEAT-- book trailer

Oh, my! My baby is finally finished. The book? No, actually that was completed almost one year ago. My newest project a book trailer was my first creative endeavor in the world of book trailers. Sure, I'd helped write my scripts for Circle of Seven before., but this time we did a collaborative project. It all started when I saw this hunky guy at a professsional fight in Tampa. I tracked him down and found out he had a gorgeous wife. Both agreed to model for my daughter a and thanks to Tor, the shot ended up on my book cover for ISLAND HEAT.

The fighter and his wife looked so good I asked them if they'd be in the book trailer. Lucky for me they said yes. Little did they know they'd have to freeze in cold water and be buffeted by the high winds of a helicopter. Anyway, Circle of Seven agreed to fly in their director. But oh, was I busy. I wanted boats and helicopters and volcanoes in the trailer. I needed, makeup people, costumes, and lots of dirt to put the models in the proper attire. So yeah, I got to smear lots of dirt on the two pro fighters--a tough job, but then you know my publisher likes this promotion stuff. Such a hardship . . .

It was too much location shooting to do in a day, so I asked a friend to shoot some of the scenes ahead of time. Then my fabulous director Joe Grubberman flew in, shot the rest of the trailer, cobbled scenes together, added special effects and music to make it all look professional.

Now, why go to all this trouble? So you will read this, go to my site and be so amazed that you next read the free ISLAND HEAT excerpt on my site and buy the book. Better yet, tell your friends about the trailer, because looking is free.


Susan Kearney

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