Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Index to How Do You Know If You've Written a Classic

How Do You Know If You've Written a Classic

Part 1 in this Series is about writing a "classic" illustrating the long time fan discovering new entries in a series.


Part 2, Spock's Katra, is a long answer to a request for material for an online blog.  My answer focused on Theodore Bikel and his roles in Star Trek.


Part 3 answers very insightful interview questions from a Podcast host.  The verbal podcast interview is very different, but here are answers done with some time to think of how to explain the invisible connections between Star Trek, my deep study of the fan dynamics of the TV Series, and my own original universe Sime~Gen novels.


Part 4 - Fifty Year Test
Best Sellers made into movies or TV from the 1960's, James Clavell's Tai-Pan


Part 5 - James Clavell Move Over
Current Science Fiction carrying on the classic tradition.

Part 6 - Romance and the Ph.D. Thesis

Part 7 - How Do You Know These Two Are Soul Mates

Part 8 - What Do Readers Do

Part 9 - A Film Worth Watching Again

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