Sunday, March 15, 2020

Search and Pay / Tweet and Pay

SEARCH AND PAY.  That's like making a rod for your own back, isn't it?

You can't make this up.
There are no depths to which some will sink to screw musicians, and if the law required internet geniuses to look up book titles and author names, and to pay royalties, maybe authors would be doing better. As it is, there are all manner of loopholes. We can learn something from how musicians are treated.

What they do is, they change the song title ever so slightly.  You cannot find what you are obliged to look for, if you "look for it" by deliberately using the wrong search terms.

Legal blogger Brooke L. Wilner, writing for Finnegan, warned recently that merely re-Tweeting someone else's infringement of copyrighted material can land the RT-happy social media user in a position of having to pay the piper (or creator).


Finally, writers' weekly-- well worth the free subscription-- sometimes lists websites that will pay for reviews. Any port in a storm might be welcome for those working from home....

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Rowena Cherry

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