Thursday, September 20, 2018

Maryland Renaissance Festival

This past Saturday, my husband (Leslie Roy Carter) and I had a book signing for our Wild Sorceress series, hosted by the Page After Page bookstore at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Here's a photo of us dressed up in the obligatory faire garb:

Page After Page

That's my brother-in-law standing off to the side, in the red shirt. We sold several books and had lots of fun conversations with passers-by. Where else but at a Renn Faire (or an SF or gaming con) can you have a spontaneous discussion with a stranger about the abilities of warlocks in 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons?

You can check out the four Wild Sorceress novels—a trilogy and a prequel—here:

Wild Sorceress

The Renn Faire, in my opinion, is much more fun than a commercial amusement park as well as less expensive overall. (Kids under seven get in free!) Relaxed atmosphere, interesting costumes to look at, better and more varied food, no scary "thrill rides," and a wide variety of singing, acting, comedy, swordplay, and other performances to enjoy. Its website is here, and in case you live nearby and want to visit, they're open for a few more weekends yet:

Maryland Renn Fest

In addition to our sword-and-sorcery novels, I'd hoped to sign a couple of anthologies in which I have stories. Unfortunately, the bookstore wasn't able to acquire copies at a discount, because the publisher uses CreateSpace to produce their trade paperbacks. So that part of the plan fell through. The brave new world of multiple publishing options has some downsides, alas. At least we can always count on books from the "big" publishers to be available from major distributors. Every silver cloud has a gray lining and vice versa. Les and I handed business cards to everybody who'd take one, in hopes some people might visit our website and investigate our other works.

Margaret L. Carter

Carter's Crypt

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