Sunday, August 26, 2018

Hacking Your Toilet and your Sex Toys

This last weekend, I was unexpectedly "trapped" away from home, without my computer.  I thought that I'd be able to blog using a borrowed computer, but Google wouldn't allow it.  The only way I could verify that it was me on a borrowed device was by a phone call to my home, and since I was not home.... I could not blog on time.

I think that the problem is the settings set up by the owner of the computer I had borrowed. She has "linked" all her accounts for the convenience, but with convenience comes tyranny.

And risk.

How convenient is it to be able to control your sex toys... remotely? Apparently, some people do that. How inconvenient would it be if a mischievous stranger could activate your smart Ben Wa balls during a serious moment, for instance when you were appearing before a judge and jury?

The mind boggles as to why someone would want to remotely flush their own toilet. A germaphobe, perhaps? There is an app and a smart toilet for that.  However, a malevolent hacker could take over the toilet and cause it to overflow and flood the home, because it is Bluetooth enabled.

Christoper A. Ott, blogging for the privacy and security law blog of Davis White Tremaine LLP discusses "Data Security Issues Posed by the Internet of Things.

Do you know how to disinfect a toilet by rebooting it?  Has it occurred to you to reset the password on your smart toothbrush?

This may be shocking stuff,  but it is not new.  In 2916 CNBC wrote about 12 shocking things hackers "are targeting right now".

Heena Tandon blogged for media guru about "When Your Toothbrush Is Hacked."

Finally, and nothing much to do with advocating for unhackable toilets and sex toys, the Authors Guild is asking the US government to allow publishers and self published authors to bargain collectively with internet platforms, and hold internet platforms responsible for targeting piracy on their platforms.

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Rowena Cherry

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