Sunday, August 05, 2018

Cheating Democracy: One Man 70,000 "Votes".

Big Brothers are watching you, and not listening to you. They are swamping your voice, spoofing your voice.

The Trichordist tells a telling story about a "tens-of-thousands-strong" online protest over copyright reform. A rally was organized. Four people --four!!-- showed up, and all of those four people appeared to be counter-protesters who were in favor of copyright reform. The Trichordist wonders what happened to the tens of thousands of anti-copyright enthusiasts. Perhaps they never existed.

Perhaps they were a few individuals who had bought (or who had bought for them) "Full Toolkit" $529 subscriptions to the service that bombards members of parliament (MEPs) or congresspersons or other representatives of the people with up to 75,000 personalized, automated emails.

For an account of how stealthy American and non-human actors meddle in EU politics and legislation, read this guest post translated from the German:

Few in the media speak of Canadian meddling in elections and legislation around the world and in the USA, but apparently Canada meddles. A lot.

One wonders, if technology can write up to 75,000 letters of protest to newspaper editors or to politicians and parliamentary voters with a click, (repeatedly) could this be done with/for book reviews?

Amazon probably has an algorithm for (preventing) that. The Atlantic has an interesting discussion between writers of the pros and cons of the Zon.

Also from Germany, guardedly good news for rights holders doing business in Germany, as many authors do... if their works are translated. Daniel Hoppe, blogging for the law firm Preu Bohlig and Partner explains that the German Federal Court of Justice has judged that a right holder (who prevails in court, as in the "Dead Island - Riptide" case) must receive reasonable compensation for actual damage, and this must be paid by the actual infringer.
Long link.

Enforcing copyrights anywhere can be expensive.  Whether it is EUR 860.00 for a German lawyer's warning letter, or $800 for expedited copyright registration in the USA (so a copyright owner who needs registration in order to sue and infringer can beat the 3-year statute of limitations to sue at all), copyright enforcement does not favor the individual.

Finally, a long-time Antipodean pen pal, Dr. Bob Rich, is promoting his new book. I'm giving him a shout-out for his blog.

I especially like the quote from Rich McLean, "Just because we are all doomed does not mean that we can't be nice to one another."

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