Sunday, October 08, 2017

Reputable Companies Don't Fund Piracy... Or Do They?

David Newhoff writes, "The majority of the ads on many sites are 'non-premium', which is a polite way of saying sleazy...."

It's an interesting, and encouraging article, and I think that you should read it.  However, today, I decided to check David Newhoff's premise before I shared it. (Which is why I am a little belated in posting.)

What does that tell you about Audi motors, Delta Dental, Weebly, Norton, and Serra Chevrolet?

Here's the kicker, the pirate site "" appears to be sending every clicker to "" even if they try with great determination and persistence to click through to Serra Chevrolet, or Weebly, or Delta Dental, or Audi.

Isn't that possibly click-fraud? Judge for yourself. The url to one of my massively pirated books is

The DMCA link does not work, the "Contact Us" link does not work, so it is possible that the pirate site truly is undergoing maintenance.

In the course of this morning's research, I discovered that the firebaseapp is being used for a lot of piracy, as is Google Drive, and Google Docs.
Also Blogspot.

For busy authors, and hasty would-be copyright infringers, don't overlook sites that use "Review" as a prefix for the title of a work. There may be a review, but the "DownLoad" or "Read Online" links may not go to the reviewer's opinion of the work's literary merits.

The Trichordist has some really gripping dirt this week. (I was going to go for alliteration, and write "riveting" dirt, but the mixed metaphor disturbed my pedantic soul.)

All the best!

Rowena Cherry
PS... screen shots.

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