Saturday, September 24, 2016

Please Sign The Copyright Alliance Petition

The Copyright Alliance has penned an open letter to the 2016 Political candidates, pointing out that the need to protect creators' rights to publish and distribute their own work and to profit from their own work is not a partisan issue.

Please read the letter here:

If you agree with the sentiments, please consider adding your name, zip code, and email address to the petitition.

Just today, I received a telephone call from someone with a foreign accent claiming to be from Microsoft, and offering to help me since my "microsoft computer" had sent them a signal that it has been hacked.

Yeah, right!  These people will give their intended victims a "serial number" to prove that they really do work with Microsoft, and really have received communications from "your microsoft computer" but this is a number that all computers have.

The sixth thing to do when the Microsoft phone scam targets you is "Tell People". Here is a good article about the scam:
It is written for our British friends, so if you are not British, don't bother with the Action Fraud link. Otherwise it is helpful.

Continuing the theme of dishonesty and the internet, ZDNet put out a helpful article about ransomeware this week:

ZDNet also published some advice from Edward Snowden:

Last, but not least, you probably know that 500 million Yahoo users have had their names, email addresses, passwords, birthdays, security questions, phone numbers and more compromised.

Here's what to do asap:

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