Sunday, September 04, 2016

Happy Labor Day

This author wishes all our readers a very pleasant Labor Day weekend.

The best news for those whose copyrights have been repeatedly infringed may be the judgement against Cox Communications.  Thanks to the law firm Dorsey & Whitney for their reporting that ISPs can be held liable if they fail to terminate repeat infringers... or terminate them but allow them to reactivate their accounts or open a new account.

Watch out, EBay.

For those who really want to get into the weeds, AWS is now on my radar. They appear to have a lot of users in Singapore who are posting .pdf documents which appear to be lists of links to ebooks that they allege are available for free download. If anyone does download those ebooks, they are most likely infringing copyright.

AWS seems to deactivate links, but from watching them via Blasty (a copyright takedown service) for the last 3 months, they do not appear to be terminating accounts. I will be looking into this a bit more.

Happy Labor Day.

Rowena Cherry

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