Sunday, August 07, 2016

Of Petitions, Persecution? White Roofs and White Roads.

Are you an author and a copyright owner? Do you agree that copyright promotes and protects free speech and creativity? If so, the copyrightalliance has written a petition to the 2016 political candidates, and you are urged to sign it, too.

That's the positive. On the negative side, an artists' rights blogger has made a strong statement that President Obama has presided over the worst every administration ever with regard to copyright and the rights of creators (especially songwriters). It's interesting reading.

This week (and this is purely personal) I had my flat roof painted with silver-coating. I do this every few years to preserve the roof, also to reflect heat and thus put less strain on my a/c system and on my wallet.... and on the planet.

Here's an interesting article about The White Roof Project.

Apparently, cities are "Heat Islands" and can measure temperatures up to 22 degrees F hotter than the suburbs owing to the heat-absorbing properties of black tarmac on roads and roofs, and of cement etc. One wonders what the science fiction DUNE worlds would have been like if modern scientific theory had been followed, and the desert sands were covered with (presumably white) plastic sheets.

As we may lose the reflective whiteness of snow and ice, perhaps substituting other white expanses might be helpful, even if they are not exactly cold white?

Like white roads?
It is claimed that white roads in Australia have reduced temperatures by as much as 12.6 degrees F!

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