Sunday, February 21, 2016

Pirates Know This. Authors Should Too.

This is a very handy primer which advises all and sundry how to navigate filehosting sites.  Hit the big, bright "Download Now" button, and you will get malware.  Neglect to uncheck the little boxes, and you will be subscribed to all manner of spam.

Read the entire page. 
It is quite an education.

Regarding "", this is how to use Google Search to search the site without registering and logging in;

For instance, I can check for my works using this:

However, sending a DMCA is simply going through the motions. Send a takedown, and perhaps they will take the book down, but uploaders will reup it.

The site has rules that require uploaders to include at least one mirror site, and to promptly reupload works that are taken down.  See here:

Dead link requests
  • Please PM the ORIGINAL POSTER with re-up requests
  • If you do not get a reply within a few days (3 at most) you can post in the topic, explaining that you received no response from the OP.
  • If the Original Poster is no longer active or not replacing links, post in the topic or PM a moderator with a link to the thread so it can be moved to Expired and reposted by somebody else.
What does this mean for an author? Document everything. Then, tell the Feds. 

On the other hand, there is a site called  MUYEBETA

which appears to snag information from Goodreads, and might even be promotion. I concluded that it wasn't worth the trouble of sending a DMCA, but I might take another look in the light of what I learned from 

The links go to a useless scam site called bestbook library,

You can Google a question about whether almost any named site is a scam, or whether it is safe.  If the site shows a blurred open book that could be anything, it probably isn't your book or my book, and anyone wanting a free read will discover that they have to provide credit card information before they can enjoy the free read.... and once the pirates have your credit card, do you really think they won't charge you?

Happy Hunting!


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  1. Scary stuff! This reinforces my custom of never downloading anything except from people or sites I already know.