Sunday, October 11, 2015

Have You Been Pirated?

If you have been impacted by copyright infringement, you have an opportunity to fill in a survey put out by the

No one except the copyright alliance lawyers and editors will read your answers, but if you write something quoteworthy, you may be quoted.

How do you protect your work?
The White House is currently developing a strategic plan relating to copyright enforcement. To assist the White House with this plan, the Copyright Alliance will be sending its comments and recommendations to the White House and we need your help.
As individual artists and creators, your voice is a vital part of this conversation, and we’d like to hear from you. If you’ve encountered problems with copyright enforcement, send us your story. Please explain in detail:

·      the type of problem(s) (e.g., type of work pirated, website it was/is being pirated on);
·      any actions you took to stop the problem;
·      whether your actions had any effect; and 
·      whether and how these problems may have affected your ability to create new works and/or your business or career more generally.  
We’d like to include your story in our letter to the White House, so that the Administration understands clearly the challenges faced by individual creators like you.
 To submit your story, please go HERE.

 Thank you!

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