Sunday, January 02, 2011

SFR Holiday Blitz winners for this blog

With profuse thanks to everyone who supported The Galaxy Express's "SFR Holiday Blitz" and who visited this blog, I should like to formally and belatedly announce the winners.

Of course, the winners were informed fairly promptly.

The winner for the pre-Blitz post here, on the 19th December was Ann Ardeur.

Guest blogger, Marcella Burnard offered a copy of Enemy Within to two winners from the 26th.

One was "Anonymous Brenda" who said...
Enemy Within looks GREAT! I'm going give it a read asap. Thanks also for the laughs on your blog entry. I always wondered how authors keep from borrowing other authors' ideas/voice/thoughts. And all the time it was a simple answer: avoidance. *alughing*

Here's my must read for (hopefully Q1) of 2011

1. Rebels and Lovers by Linnea Sinclair. (yes, I'm behind. oy...)
2. Midnight Crystal by Jayne Castle--whenever it arrives in print
3. The-Next_Lara-Leigh-Breed book, whose title I've forgotten
4. Forgotten Sea by Virginia Kantra
5. In the Dark of Dreams by Marjorie Liu.

so many titles; so little time

Keep up the good work, Rowena! We Wuvs You!

The other was BloggerBratty, who said:
My 2010 favorite reads, which also weren't all SFR, are:

1. Hope's Folly by Linnea Sinclair (SFR)
2. Eternity Road by Jack McDevitt (post-apocalyptic)
3. Moonstruck by Susan Grant (SFR)
4. Simply Sinful by Kat Pearce (Erotica)
5. Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey (urban fantasy)
6. Don't Look Back by Josh Lanyon (M/M romance)
7. Feed by M.T. Anderson (YA futuristic sci-fi)
8. Angels & Demons by Dan Brown (contemporary)
9. Day of the Vipers, Terok Nor book 1 by James Swallow (ST sci-fi)
10. The Double by Jose Saramago (contemporary)

If this list makes me look like I'm all over the place, well, I am! You could say I'm well-rounded I guess LOL.

 The drawings were random, so what they said or what they've read made absolutely no difference to their chances of winning.

The winner from LoveRomancePassions of two of my books is Helen from Australia, and I am kicking myself for not venturing out in the blizzard last week, because the USPS is putting up the cost of mailing Priority Mail packages as of tomorrow.... or so a posting on EBay informs me.

Congratulations, everyone.

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